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Thank you very mmm


Again, going and revisiting my ideas. Building a life. All these glimpses of ideas, thoughts that go through my head, and it all makes sense in that fleeting moment. Like in the day to day….

If it could be broken down into small actions it would be about tubthumping. I mean, putting out there what it is that I am doing and offering. Pretty simple. Even though I don’t feel like doing anything in my life. at all, except going on a trip, climbing a mountain, and being warm.

But by tubthumping, I mean putting out there the things i am doing, the things I am interested in, and scooping in the people who i can share these ideas with.

I look at the blog of the Arizona cyclist and I get all excited. I look at the bright and wonderful outside world. I mean, there is so much happening here in portland, and I want to be a part of it, but as I have encountered since I have moved here, I hate being inside under fluorescent lights during the day and it makes me bummed the fuck out. This whole world is artificially lit. This whole art world. this whole everything.